A native Mexican tree, Burro’s tail is best grown in hanging baskets. Its beautiful round green leaves can be up to 3cm long. Plants live best when placed in a place with sunlight.
Let the soil dry between waterings and ensure that the soil is kept dry during hibernation, especially if you plant it in a cool temperate zone.
Fertilize the plant once in the summer using 10:10:10 or any cactus fertilizer.
Leaves will fall out of light and atmospheric environment.
If you have to move it outdoors for the summer, make sure it adapts well before keeping it in full sun.

Originating from the African continent, the talons with leaves boast beautiful horizontal white stripes. The beauty of this small tree is that it looks special, adding points to the space you add elegance and does not need much care.
Use a shallow pot because the roots don’t penetrate deep into the soil.
Transplant pots for a period of 12-24 months, With loose soil good drainage helps plants grow stronger.
The soil should be nearly dry between waterings. It is important to all succulents.
The best zebra tree (Dragon’s claw) is placed in a bright place so that the tree is not exposed to direct sunlight to avoid shrinking leaves.

Aloe vera is a medicinal plant, a succulent plant with sap that has been used to treat sunburns and wounds for centuries. Not only that, aloe vera is also a great indoor plant. Aloe vera can also absorb dust and kill airborne bacteria. Besides, aloe vera also means feng shui brings luck and fortune to the homeowner. Placing a small pot of aloe vera in the bedroom will not only help the room add cool blue eyes, but also help you sleep better.
Let the soil dry between waterings.
Put it where it can get a few hours of sunlight daily.
Fertilize the plants twice during the growing season but do not fertilize in the winter.

Can be known as: Snake bone, ship cactus or elongated cactus is a flowering plant of the Great Size family, native to Madagascar. This plant can bloom throughout the year provided you give it enough light. The long and spoon-shaped leaves appear at the end of its pointed branches, along with small flowers. The flowers aren’t noticeable because of their small size, but you will find the yellow, red or salmon streaks surrounding them to look attractive.
This tree has low to moderate irrigation needs.
Avoid letting the whole pot dry or it will fall leaves.
Direct light will give you the best flowering though the tree can also adapt to medium lighting conditions.
Fertilize 2-3 times during growing season.

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