Best Succulent Succulent Plants

1. LOTUS TREE CHAIN JADE STONE A native Mexican tree, Burro’s tail is best grown in hanging baskets. Its beautiful round green leaves can be up to 3cm long. Plants live best when placed in a place with sunlight. PLANTING TIPS: Let the soil dry between waterings and ensure that the soil is kept dry […]

Great Benefits of Indoor Bonsai

Since ancient times, nature and plants have always been an indispensable friend of man. However, with the modern pace of life today, more and more high-rise buildings, long roads appear, so the greenery of the city has gradually decreased. People are tending to find a green living space in harmony with nature by planting trees […]

Mean of Aroid Palm in Feng Shui

Aroid Palm is also known as a prosperous needle. With the characteristic shape of a big, strong, succulent body, the water storage is mainly at the base of the tree, so the base of the tree is often enlarged. In fact, this plant is native to Africa, strong vitality, supple in many harsh weather conditions. […]

Feng Shui Meanings Of Pothos

The betel nut tree not only chased bad luck for the homeowner, filtered out hundreds of harmful toxins, but also used to treat kidney disease. Pothos has a scientific name: Epipremnum aureum, belonging to the Araceae family, and also has other names such as Golden cassava tree, Devil behind, and Orange Cam Tu. This is […]