Horizontal motifs are always “friends” accompanying in the closets of each person regardless of their age, gender, work.
This daily texture has “conquered” the hearts of so many people, whether your dress style is simple or sophisticated.
Although it is recommended only for the girls “heron” want to “cheat” a few extra kilograms of weight, but it seems that every fashion rule can be broken.
No matter who you are, what you look like, as long as you feel confident in the horizontal costume, why should you be hesitant and worried?
Today, let CANIFA Blog tell you, especially girls who spend eight hours sitting in an office full of trendy, inspiring mix-match methods to keep themselves beautiful and respectful. be your proud ego.
The girl has a thin, slender figure
The girl should choose small horizontal stripes or medium horizontal stripes. The clothes you choose should have a moderate width to “disguise” for a slim body.
Moreover, you should prioritize costumes with bright colors to make yourself look fuller.
As for the pear-shaped woman
You should choose clothes that fit your body to show off the feminine curve.
The horizontal striped outfit you choose should be a combination of fine and large stripes.
These girls have an apple shape
You should prefer the freesize horizontal stripe designs or the smooth horizontal stripes.
A pair of skinny jeans or tight pants will help you perfect your style.
Casual pants, khaki pants, midi skirt legs, A-skirt skirts, tight-fitting jeans… .these are very “fit” costumes with horizontal stripes if you know how to coordinate.
Still the combo often seen her dressed up at work, simple but still trendy when wearing a plaid shirt with skinny jeans. Of course, please choose a few outstanding accessories to pair with her like this. She chose a pretty small bag with red velvet heels of the same color to increase the power and “luxurious”.
Instead of the casual pants that stand over the ankle every day, choose for yourself a few short pants with slightly flared legs when wearing the same horizontal shirt to look younger and more trendy rather than “flattering” ”Fastidious office girls.
A striking red culottes with white sneaker when wearing this horizontal T-shirt like this one, will be a great choice for those girls who prefer trendy fashion but still have to go with with that element of comfort.
If your work is flexible, moving around multiple times or you simply work in a dynamic and comfortable environment, don’t forget your shorts. They will give you a bright appearance and full of confidence in front of everyone.
You can also learn from Emma Stone when she combines the legendary horizontal T-shirt with short flared jeans. Creating accents for your outfit with a leopard print platform doll shoes is well worth your consideration.
The horizontal skirt with some highlights is fringed contour is also very good if you want to press for the outfit without wearing accessories.
A plaid skirt with a string design in front of the chest is also a good choice for busy days in the office. Comfortable and fashionable, who doesn’t like it?
A colorful horizontal skirt with a short ripped bottom like her will help her to the throne as the office fashion queen where she works. Do not forget to choose yourself a pair of high heels to flatter your physique offline.
Instead of office pencil petticoats, why not try and choose a skirt that spreads your horizontal stripes and combines them with your regular shirt? Even a small change can make a big difference.
Do not hesitate to “play” with the motifs. Try to combine two horizontal textured items with similar colors together to have a very special outfit.
A white lace shirt combined with a white and blue striped sailor skirt with legs will also breathe a new breath into the office fashion style that you still choose every day.

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