Wood planer belongs to the line of tools used to handle surfaces of all types of wood products. Is preferred by workers in quickly completing the assigned work. However, to get a flat and smooth surface as you like, you should look for the type that suits you.
When using a planer, you can also create different curves or angles. In addition, the parts are also tightened to the parts instead of files. In order for these tasks to be done easily, you need to keep the blade sharp and sharpen the blade when necessary.
However, not everyone knows how to use the wood planer properly to create the necessary effect. So in this article, we will share some useful information for you to use this product safely and effectively.
How to use a wood planer properly
To use this product well while working, you need to pay attention to the following:
The first is that you need to know the operating principles of the planer, because for this machine it will consist of axes and joints combined with planing blades with translational motion together. If one of the parts is damaged, this operation may be interrupted.
The second is how to use the machine:
+ Before using, you need to carefully read the instructions of the manufacturer and follow the requirements set out.
+ When operating the machine, it is also necessary to equip all necessary labor protection devices to ensure maximum safety.
+ Before processing, it is necessary to test before operation to ensure that the machine works well and there is no other problem.
+ Do not use a planer on surfaces of metal or concrete as it may damage the blade, planing shaft.
+ In the process of use, do not place the Bosch wood planer on the moving path, keep the planing mold under pressure by the workpiece.
+ To be balanced and stronger, you can also support some additional materials to fix planing surfaces.
+ After completing, you should disconnect the power and clean the work area for clean.
Principles of using wood planer to ensure safety
– Only those who have undergone the necessary training when working with the machine and fully equipped with the necessary equipment can use the machine.
– Workers do not use gloves when working, but must use auxiliary equipment (push hands) to avoid slipping their hands into the machine.
– Run the planing machine before working and should check the operation clearly every time.
– Must regularly clean machinery and clean the workplace neatly to avoid mechanical shattering by shavings.

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