The upgraded Series 7 configuration in Vietnam has more equipment and more styles to increase competition in the segment.
At the upgrade stage between the product life cycle, the large luxury sedan of BMW in Vietnam has three versions, 730Li M Sport, 730Li Pure Excellence and 740Li Pure Excellence.
All three models are extended-wheelbase versions, using the CLAR chassis system with Carbon Core platform. Series 7 is the only car in the segment in Vietnam to use carbon fiber in the frame system, helping light weight and less fuel consumption while ensuring a sense of flexibility and excitement behind the wheel.
BMW 730Li M Sport and BMW 730Li Pure Excellence
The two versions of 730Li are aimed at different user groups. The M Sport version is for guests who prefer a sporty experience while Pure Excellence is aimed at users who like to enjoy the large luxury sedan.
The BMW 730Li M Sport has a body kit and M wheels, emphasizing sportiness. M logo sill panel glows. This is the only large luxury sedan in the segment in Vietnam that has a version equipped with a sports package. The car uses adaptive LED lighting, which turns on and off each light area based on the tracking camera. Equipped with glass on the car type soundproof and insulation in between, reflective infrared.
In the interior, there is an electric Dakota leather upholstery, which supports front row massage. M sports pedal, black BMW Individual ceiling and key M. The car is equipped with a Harman Kardon 16 speaker system, capacity of 460W. To satisfy the occupants’ experience, all versions of the Series 7 have enhanced soundproofing material in the rear wheel cavity.
Exterior BMW 730Li Pure Excellence includes front bumper, rear bumper and chrome grille. Welcome lights illuminate every time the door is opened. BMW Laserlight lights include the same function as adaptive LEDs, but add laser technology to the most distant lighting in the automotive industry.
The interior has Nappa Exclusive leather seats embroidered with diamond motifs. Panoramic sunroof, interior trim lights change color and air-conditioning creates ions and scents. The independent entertainment system for the rear seats has two 10.2-inch Full-HD touch screens and a Blu-ray disc player. Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system with 16 speakers, capacity of 1,400W
Comfort can be controlled by a BMW Touch Command tablet with functions such as entertainment control, air conditioning, seats, interior lights, navigation system …
The rear seat has a maximum recline of 41 degrees and is equipped with calf support to help people sit comfortably and relax. Massage function is provided for both front and rear seats.
Two versions of 730Li use B48 engine, 2.0-cylinder four-cylinder capacity, TwinPower Turbo technology for a capacity of 265 horsepower from 5,000 – 6,500 rpm. Torque of 400Nm from 1,550 – 4,500 rpm. 8-speed automatic transmission, the car accelerates 0-100km / h in 6.3 seconds before reaching the limit of 250 km / h. Distributor announced fuel consumption from 6.3 to 6.6 liters / 100km.
Both versions have a driver-centric digital screen, 12.3-inch size, a 10.2-inch touchscreen entertainment screen and information display on the windshield. Other assistance functions include: gesture commands, voice control, Parking Assistant Plus parking assistance, rear wheel navigation system … The BMW 730Li Pure Excellence has added magnetic parking control far.
BMW 740Li Pure Excellence
In addition to the similar equipment 730Li Pure Excellence, 740Li version is added with a series of details to confirm its position in the segment.
All Nappa Exclusive leather seats embroidered with diamond motifs with contrasting stitches. Sunroof Panorama Sky Lounge is equipped with an additional 15,000 LED lighting points to create a unique visual effect. The BMW Individual roof is covered in black Alcatara leather.
Gear lever, iDrive knob, volume knob and air conditioner are covered with ceramic. Rear seats have a 15-liter fridge, containing food or drink. The refrigerator can be removed to increase the luggage compartment volume.
BMW 740Li uses a 3.0-liter in-line B58 engine, TwinPower Turbo technology for 340 horsepower from 5,500 – 6,500 rpm. Torque 450Nm from 1,500 – 5,200 rpm. 8-speed automatic transmission, the car accelerates 0-100km / h in 5.6 seconds before reaching the limit of 250 km / h. The distributor declares fuel consumption from 7.2 to 7.5 liters / 100km. This is the engine that has won the “Best Engine of the Year” four times by WardsAuto magazine.
Vehicles equipped with intelligent active air suspension system Excutive Drive Pro, integrated roadside camera using map data. This technology has active balance bar, compensating force on the wheel when cornering helps reduce body tilt, while predicting the road ahead for the suspension to respond accordingly.
BMW 730Li M Sport in Vietnam has 5 exterior color options and 4 interior color options. 730Li Pure Excellence has 6 exterior colors, 3 interior colors. The most advanced version 740Li has 4 exterior colors and 2 interior colors.

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