How to buying a good hand drill?

Is a portable drill good, so buying a good, cheap drill is a question we have received from many customers, demonstrating how big the appeal of a portable drill is. So it’s definitely impossible to answer specific questions with just a few sentences, so we decided to write a very detailed article to help not […]

Best Angle Grinders Reviews

No set of tools is complete without a good angle grinder. Whether you are a fabricator, plumber, mason, electrician, or just a simple DIY enthusiast – you will benefit from the versatility and power that these tools have to offer. Are you ready to learn more? Well, this informative angle grinder buying guide will help […]

Instructions to use the dynamic drill

Impact drill is a versatile drill that can drill on many materials: concrete, steel, wood. Impact drill with compact portable design, solid machine structure, simple structure, easy to use. So, do you know how to use the dynamic drill properly to promote efficiency and increase the life of the machine yet? Please refer to the […]

How to replace the blade iron cutting machine?

After a period of use, the metal blade in the iron cutting machine will cause abrasion, users need to replace or re-sharpen the blade to ensure the best cutting efficiency and smooth cutting line. One problem that users are most concerned about when using iron cutters is the problem of removing and installing the blade […]

How to use planer properly?

Wood planer belongs to the line of tools used to handle surfaces of all types of wood products. Is preferred by workers in quickly completing the assigned work. However, to get a flat and smooth surface as you like, you should look for the type that suits you. When using a planer, you can also […]

Manual wood lathe

The CNC wood lathe is the main machine used to process products with rotating properties such as lathe, water hyacinth, stairwell, dragon pole. With many outstanding advantages, cnc wood lathes are currently gaining much attention from customers. The manual of cnc wood lathe can refer to the detailed documents, but if you do not have […]

Instructions for using proper drilling machine

It is not too difficult to apply, only with the tips in the article below, users will definitely use the table drill safely and properly. Different from the hand-held drill series , table drilling machines require higher technical and operational skills, so users need to master the usage before operating! What parts does the drilling […]

Instructions for using safe hand grinders

The grinder is one of the most dangerous mechanical tools in every industry. Understanding that, today, Makita Agent instructs the user to use the safe and proper hand grinders to readers. Below is a guide to using a hand-held grinding machine in more detail. At the same time we will send you the dangers to […]