How to wear women’s white shirts beautiful

Do you want to change your fashion style every day but you don’t have enough money to buy things continuously? Want to give yourself more inspiration but find it confusing to choose clothes to wear every morning? You hold a white shirt in your hand but put it down because you do not know how […]

8 tips to help your sexy girlfriend still elegant

Wearing a backless shirt so that the momentum and sexy is still delicate is quite a problem for many women. By applying a few tips on how to choose a shirt or wear later, things will be much simpler. Converging all the beauty from femininity, momentum to sexy, cool personality, trendy, backless shirt is always […]

7 ways to wear the shoulder blouse in the summer

Shorts, skirts, earrings, hats, … are one of the ways to wear a shoulder- length shirt that any girl can use to “cut tight” fashion this summer. So I will share immediately for you the best tips on wearing delicous shoulders , the best quality through the following article. Now spoiled “fascinated” with 10 ways […]

How to mix with tunic shoulders

How do you wear a shirt on your shoulders every day? Or slip off and maybe not comfortable with that way of wearing. So let’s take a look at how to wear GU non-slip shoulder tops that have been synthesized with ways to dress up with beautiful shoulder-length dresses . 1.The way to wear a […]

5 ways coordination for puff sleeves

You are a girl who loves gentle, feminine style, “dirt bread” and you love gentle pastel tones and feminine designs. This article is really for you, what are you waiting without BlogAnChoi pin right 5 ways to map for her “cake dirt” right now! 1. Sleeveless skirt with cradles and skirt feet Shoulder-length tunic is […]

6 things to note to wear well in the workplace

Dressing beautiful and suitable for the working environment is not only a matter for women but also men. There are certain rules that can apply to both sects in this regard. 6 “golden” rules for office fashion Spending large sums of money on expensive outfits doesn’t guarantee your perfect appearance at work. It seems that […]

The formula for a two-piece shirt for summer days

Two-string shirt is the “star” when summer comes. Because they know how to make the wearer more cool, cool in hot hot days. Let’s find out how to coordinate with these shirts to look luxurious with the formulas below. With a simple dress up formula like this, the girls just need to choose for themselves […]

Beach sunglasses for women

Mirror-coated sunglasses, oversize type, floral motifs or thin metal frames are popular styles for women to go to the beach or resort. Along with bikini, sandals, hats and sedge bags, sunglasses help perfect the beach fashion style for women. Glasses help reduce glare, protect the eyes from the sun, combined with glamorous bikinis, for a […]

The must-have hats for summer girls!

Not simply a sunshade item, but also an indispensable fashion item in travel. Surely everyone loves to travel the sea, but to choose the right hat but still keep up the hot trend is quite difficult. Phuong Linh will suggest a few types of beach hats to have a great trip! Hat Although only a […]

Mix-match “very smooth” with horizontal outfits

Horizontal motifs are always “friends” accompanying in the closets of each person regardless of their age, gender, work. This daily texture has “conquered” the hearts of so many people, whether your dress style is simple or sophisticated. Although it is recommended only for the girls “heron” want to “cheat” a few extra kilograms of weight, […]