Mistakes men often make when shaving

Although both the beard and hair have a fairly fast growth rate, with the hair, the guys can let it grow a bit longer, in that gas for the beard you can not lazy to shave. Having a bushy, bushy beard will make your face look sloppy and unkempt, and it will also denounce you […]

Standard to shave clean beard

Shaving is a familiar job to help men retouch their good looks. While this may seem simple, not everyone knows how to shave clean and not regrow. The following tips and tricks for shaving are given below, and hopefully will be helpful to you. Step 1: Prepare – This is an important step as you […]

How to adjust the trimmer blade?

One of the common mistakes of trimmer is hot, machine is more noise, or hair cut is cut … All of these errors can be due to your trimmer tongue is loose. So how to fix that error properly and effectively, today dailytongdo.com will show you how to adjust the trimmer blade. Prepare before adjusting […]

Big contest to find which trimmer is best?

On the market today, there are many different brands with hundreds of diverse and rich models, there are good quality products and vice versa, there are really bad products despite the headlining. When choosing to buy hair clippers barbers or individual users have their own priorities. So choose to buy the best hair clippers? Which […]

Instructions trim men’s hair with trimmer

Is it easy to cut men’s hair with a trimmer ? Today men’s beauty needs are very high. But nowadays the work is very busy, many of you don’t even have time for a haircut. Why don’t I simplify it with a single step that is a male haircut using a trimmer ? With just […]

5 Techniques Cutting Men’s Haircut

Learning to cut hair will first go from the most basic knowledge like scissors, hair style analysis to practicing basic cutting. Many people who start these lessons often feel discouraged and have little creativity when practicing. However, if you do not master the basic techniques of male haircuts, it is difficult to continue cutting difficult […]