Besides the expensive options, one of the most popular equipment buyers is the dash cam. With its usefulness, intelligence and convenience, compact cameras are becoming more and more popular and becoming indispensable equipment in the car. The market for dash cams has also grown, producing many products with different functions, features, quality and price range. Incidentally, it makes many buyers feel confused and confused.
In this article, DanhgiaXe will give readers the most important criteria when choosing to buy a journey camera for your car.
Not just a dash cam, this is an almost mandatory criterion when choosing any kind of recording device. Image quality can be assessed through factors such as resolution, sharpness or color. A set of cameras with good image quality will help you clearly record license plate numbers, faces and more accurately track traffic situations when a collision occurs. The image quality can be assessed according to the following two main conditions:
Day time, bright enough : this is considered an ideal operating condition due to abundant natural light. Most dashcams offer pretty good image quality, because they don’t require too much sensor, lens or processing software. However, one thing that needs attention is the bitrate parameter (the total amount of data recorded per second). Assuming all other parameters are the same, a high bitrate camera (~ 15mbps) will produce a better and sharper image than a low bitrate camera (~ 6 mbps) but also consume more storage space.
At night, underexposed : this is the time when the quality of the camera’s sensor as well as image processing capabilities are truly displayed. Comparing night recording is easier than daytime, and helps you choose a better-quality dashcam.
Resolution is also a very important factor. High resolution makes images sharper regardless of the conditions, making it easy to see details such as distant vehicles or license plates in the event of an incident. Vibration resistance also plays a very important role in the overall image quality of the camera. When the car moves quickly or passes through uneven road areas, a set of cameras with a good anti-vibration sensor will maximize its use.
The higher the resolution and the quality of the video, the bigger the capacity of the video. So, besides image quality, storage is also one of the issues to consider when choosing a dashcam. Some dashcams come with a memory card. However, you need to pay attention to the amount of memory card that the camera supports. Priority should be given to products that support large memory cards, at least 4 GB and up to approximately 64 GB.
The modern cruise camera is integrated quite a lot of useful features such as:
Start automatically when the car is running and stop recording when parking.
The ability to record is also an extremely important factor. It helps you have more evidence if you accidentally happen to have an accident or are fined by the police to turn off the turn signal early when turning.
GPS is also useful when you lend a car to others and helps you track the speed of the vehicle as evidence of a road accident.
Wifi connection with the phone makes it easy to access and retrieve images from the camera when needed quickly.
Auto Parking mode: camera recording at low speed of 4 frames per second (4 fps) to monitor and detect movements in the lens area without heating the camera and consuming a lot of storage space, At the same time the sensitivity of the collision sensor will increase. When the camera detects movement in the field of view or senses a collision, 30 fps recording mode and audio recording are activated.
The latest dashcam usually supports two camera ports: a main camera for front-facing video recording and a secondary camera to support rear-view recording. Having an additional rear-view camera will diversify the viewing angle for the video, giving you more evidence if there is a rear-end collision. Talking about the secondary camera, there are two main types:
Type two separate cameras (1 cam in front and 1 cam in the back) . Images and visibility will be clearer and more optimized, but installation and maintenance are thus more troublesome.
The supply can be divided into two types: regular and autonomous.
Regular power supply is a capacitor type, built-in on the board of the machine. The advantage is the ability to operate continuously, not affected by ambient temperature as well as not being “bottle pin” causing edema and negative impact on the system. The downside is that they cannot work when unplugged.
Processing and analysis software makes it easier and more detailed for video playback. Currently, the new generation dash cams are not only capable of analyzing the routes traveled, statistics of time and average speed of the car, … This feature is especially useful for businesses. Business, transport services need more detailed management and more accurate distance traveled.

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