How to use a mask properly avoiding Covid-19

The situation of disease outbreak due to new strain of Corona family (nCoV) is increasingly complicated. Preventive measures are very important in that the proper use of masks is an important measure for each person to protect themselves and contribute to fighting the disease. Facing the community rushing to buy masks, the Health Ministry of […]

Ways to Reuse Old Prescription Medicine

Let’s hear it for better living through pharmaceuticals. Prescriptions, I mean. There are drugs for lowering your blood pressure, lowering your cholesterol, reducing inflammation, blocking betas and curing that nasty rash you got last summer. When you find yourself on “maintenance” medications, however, such as blood pressure medicine or asthma medications, you could be looking […]

Cotton program washing machine Pro

Smart kitchen appliances are currently used by many families. Smart kitchen appliances will not only bring a luxurious beauty to the kitchen, but it will also create unexpected amenities and utilities for you to use, especially, it also saves a lot of space for It’s your small kitchen. Built-in hood is a slim and modern […]