Take care of your cat with a simple diet

The diet should be divided according to the cat’s stage of development. Depending on the age, the nutritional content will be changed to best suit the cat’s body. The four main stages of cat growth are as follows: Newborn cat under 6 weeks old The kitten is quite small and weak at this time. You […]

How to play with cat makes them close to you

There must be a reason for the cat to bite you. Cats will usually protect themselves if they think they are threatened or show signs of danger. Pay attention to their body language, gestures or actions that irritate your cat. Usually the ears will be level, the eyes will stare at you and the tail […]

How to play with cats

Cats are charming, solitary and mysterious animals. Sometimes they make us laugh. Many of their habits can make anyone unable to stop laughing. By spending time playing with cats, you will have the opportunity to learn about their unique features and nature. Playing with cats is the best way to strengthen the relationship of both, […]