Steamed Freshly Peeled Shrimp

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Shrimp peels are made from fresh tiger shrimp, peeled, cut off, then dried in the sun (in some localities developed a shrimp dryer to achieve high productivity, however, according to fishermen). skilled, the shrimp exposed to the sea to get the most delicious flavor without losing much of the inherent nutrients of fresh shrimp According to traditional medicine,young shrimp have very good effect on male physiological health. (complementary).

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Steamed meat has been cooked to ensure the quality of processed meat
This is a very popular specialty in coastal provinces of Vietnam such as Da Nang, Quang Ninh, Hai Phong and Nha Trang. Shrimp peels are often used to prepare delicious dishes, especially in the summer because of their cooling and refreshing properties, which can be listed as: gourd soup cooked with shrimp, shrimp rice (minced shrimp). , stir as shrimp shrimp, served with white rice), stir-fried noodles, tomato sauce … very strange mouth and give rice, especially children.
According to the experience of people in the coastal area, a good way to choose is to choose the right age for shrimp, do not need to be too big but have to be whole, do not choose to buy shrimp chips (dried, dried from dead shrimp), have a slight red color (color It is very easy to become a bright red color).

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    Steamed meat has been cooked to ensure the quality of processed meat

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