Raw Chicken Meat Frozen

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With high Protein content: The amount of protein in chicken works to help growth and muscle development, maintain a healthy body weight and support weight loss.
Great for heart health: Homocysteine ​​is an amino acid that can cause heart disease if it is high in the body. Therefore, controlling homocysteine ​​levels is essential to protecting heart health. And fortunately, eating chicken breast can help prevent and control homocysteine ​​levels as desired.

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Raw Chicken Meat Frozen are imported directly from the US. From selection of raw materials to preliminary processing and packaging of products takes place in a closed process, full of manufacturer labels and inspection seals to ensure food hygiene and safety standards of the Sub-Department.
Support for teeth and bones: Chicken is also rich in phosphorus – an essential mineral that supports the growth and firmness of teeth and bones. In addition, phosphorus also contributes to ensure the function of the organs such as the kidneys, liver, central nervous system … works better.
Chicken is a high quality food that contains nutrients that help the body absorb and digest. According to nutritionists, in addition to albumin and fat, chicken also contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, acid, calcium, phosphorus and iron. In addition, chicken has a high nourishing effect for people with long-term illness, stomach sealing, weakening of food absorption.
American quadrant is firm and delicious, so it can be processed into many delicious dishes such as grilled chicken thighs, fried chicken drumsticks, boiled chicken thighs, braised chicken thighs, braised chicken thighs, chicken thighs, roasted chicken thighs. , pan fried chicken drumsticks, … Each dish brings the family meal with a very special and attractive flavor.

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15 kg / pack

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    Raw Chicken Meat Frozen are imported directly from the US.

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