Ornamental Palm Trees

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One of the elegant pleasures of that person playing bonsai. Palm tree is a tree with aesthetic value, purifying the air and also bringing fortune to your family.
The ornamental palm tree has smooth green beauty that brings a sense of fullness. It is both easy to grow and take care of, so it is very popular to make indoor bonsai

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General characteristics of ornamental Palm trees
• Common names: Palm trees, Ornamental palm trees …
• Other names: Dwarf palm tree
• Scientific name: Rhapis Excelsa
• Family: Flora: Areca – Arecaceae
• Origin: Guadalupe island.
Feng shui meanings of the Palm Tree scene
With a plump rounded shape, ornamental plants are meant to bring joy to the hope of luck and fortune for the homeowner. Palm Leaf is like a big fan that dispels bad omissions, unfortunate things and brings peace – the good fortune of keeping. The body of the upright brush is raised with smooth green parasols with beautiful eyes, giving the player a space full of vitality.
Uses of Ornamental Palm Tree
Players often rely on the small shape of the ornamental palm tree to combine with glass jars or small porcelain bowls of porcelain to decorate their study corner or desk. Besides a few bonsai pots placed in the balcony will join with other species to further enhance your home.

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32 x 5 x 5 inches

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    General characteristics of ornamental Palm trees

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