Egyptian Red Pomegranate

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Pomegranate is a familiar fruit to most Vietnamese people. Every season, people often choose to buy big red pomegranates to enjoy. The sweet and crunchy taste of each pomegranate has become the memory of many unforgettable people. With the old pomegranate varieties are often small and pale fruits often taste light or slightly acidic. Increasingly, due to hybridization techniques, pomegranate varieties now produce large, red fruits that are much more crunchy and sweeter. Egyptian red. It is said that this pomegranate seed sweet and sweet aromatic fruit for very wrong and fast harvest should be preferred by both consumers and gardeners.

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Morphological characteristics of Egyptian red pomegranate
Also looks like other pomegranates. Trees in the form of small shrubs on average about 3m back. The tree has many branches and soft leaves with elongated leaves and dark green spines. Egyptian pomegranates also have red flowers with five beautiful petals each time they bloom.
The biggest difference makes this pomegranate popular because its shape of the fruit is bright red eye-catching. Each fruit is usually as big as a guava about 500 grams. There are many weighs 1kg tight hold heavy hand. Not only the exterior is dark red. When opened inside of them also extremely eye-catching red. When you eat, you will feel the freshness and stay for a long time at the throat.
How to grow Egyptian pomegranate
Despite being a perennial crop, the Egyptian red pomegranate tree can flower and produce fruits very quickly. If using a tree grown from seeds, it is possible for the 2nd year onwards the tree to flower and create. If using a tree by branch extraction method, the tree only needs 1 year to produce flowers and fruit. Growing this Egyptian red pomegranate is not too difficult. You just need to use some techniques to apply it right, the beautiful pomegranate will look bright red.

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620g-650g / fruit

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    Morphological characteristics of Egyptian red pomegranate

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