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Durian have large bush, strong pole, and straight spike. The fruit is large, weight around 3-4 kg. Durian meat is thick and light yellow in color dry and Sweet in taste. Durian has a very good sweet and nutty taste. Everyone who eats will enjoy it. However, it can have a bit strong odor until someone says “Smell like hell but heavenly taste”

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Durian Monthong can grow up easily. Flowers every year, give out a big thick yellow fruit that has soft smell and sweet taste. It’s an extremely popular durian species in Viet Nam. Productivity estimate: 4-6 years
Planting and maintenance
1.Put soil in a bag or seed bag.
2.Plant the seeds into the bag deep about 1.5-2.5 cm. The bag should be in shade. If the sun shines, the germination rate will decrease. But should not close solid, the wind must pass easily. The seeds will germinate within 3-7 days.
3.Watering twice a day in the morning and evening.
4.When durian grows up to four leaves (which could take around a month), the culture could be transplanted

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    Durian have large bush, strong pole, and straight spike.

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