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This item required to be installed by a professional car alarm installer. English Wiring diagram is available for reviewing upon request.
You need to unlock/release/remove the steering lock if there is one in your vehicle while installation this item.
If your car is diesel car with engine starting time more than 3 seconds, please buy an extra timer delay switch.
An extra bypass module is required if there is a chip immobilizer in your factory OEM key fob. Can work with most universal bypass module like ASIN: B07NSLPBG7 or B00MEHBVIC, but not work with CAN BUS or DATA style bypass module.

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EASYGUARD Smart Key PKE car alarm system with remote engine start, push start button and passive keyless entry function. The PKE feature will automatically lock or unlock the door when walk away or approach the car in 3-6 feet with key fob
IMPORTANT: This item not compatible with cars with double pulse for unlock, not work with pneumatic or vacuum locking system, not work with cars with factory push start button.
With push start button can start/stop your vehicle easier and no need to insert the key into ignition cylinder anylonger once properly installed
An extra bypass module(like ASIN: B07NSLPBG7 or B00MEHBVIC) is required if there is chip immobilizer in your factory OEM key fob
Compatible with most DC12V petrol cars on the market, include auto gear or manual gear cars, please do not install it on luxury vehicles. Professional car alarm installer installation is required.
Main feature:
1. Arm/lock
2. Disarm/unlock
3. Panic mode
4. Push button start/stop
5. PKE-Passive keyless entry
6. Remote engine start/stop
7. Remote trunk release (Extra trunk release solenoid kit like ASIN: B00N4RP8VM may require)
8. PKE on/off setting
9. Illegal door opening/ACC triggered
10. Central door locking automation
11. Emergency override
12.Emergency disarm & start the car
13.Start the car in cold weather or other special situations
14.Reset switch & programming method

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9.92 x 6.14 x 3.62 inches

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    remote engine start, push start button and passive keyless entry function

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