The color scheme for small bedrooms

With the small room, the owner is very difficult to choose and decorate the furniture like, convenient and safe for the user, so even if the room is crowded, the owner will also get the furniture. Interior quality, the most beautiful living space safe, modern, certainly even small rooms homeowners also feel the most comfortable […]

Stylish color scheme in interior decoration

In interior design, in addition to the rational arrangement and selection, the use of light is an extremely important factor. Harmonious color scheme, balance the contrast and match the equipment is not as simple as you think. This is also the reason that many people tend to minimize the decoration with some simple colors such […]

According to feng shui, the indoor plants

Therefore, if you intend to place indoor plants, choose carefully. Because there are also some trees that do not bring good things to homeowners, typically some trees with leaves are too small and long and wobbly, when overgrown can cause members to argue, arise conflicts. , affecting health and family life. The bonsai has the […]

Arrange kitchen with feng shui

Placement kitchen cooking Stoves should not be placed in positions that are opposite to the direction of the house, that is, the back of the stove must be facing the door, but at the same time, it must be prevented from opening the door immediately to see the kitchen. If it can not be changed, […]

How to arrange the sofa in the living room

Considered the lifeblood of the house, the living room is not only a place for chatting and receiving guests. The layout of the living room not only confirms the homeowner’s style and aesthetic, but also brings a good fortune and opportunity to the family owner. Therefore, many families have asked Cozy about how to arrange […]