Spa at home with Himalaya bath salts

You can fully enjoy the feeling of relaxing standard spa with% 3ḅc soaking bath with Himalayan salt. This is considered the most pure 3% salt in the world, containing many beneficial minerals for health. Himalayan rock salt crystal is considered a valuable gift from nature, they were formed more than 250 million years ago. The […]

Why do spas use essential oils?

Have you ever used natural essential oils and understood the use of essential oils yet, most of the spas use essential oils to create aroma to help create a relaxing space and close to nature. To create a fresh aroma and close to nature, essential oils are always a priority to create a scent that […]

Home spa with essential oils and sea salt

After a day at work, there’s nothing better than soaking in a bath with scents of essential oils, bath salts … In addition to regular soaps, body lotions, you can now add essential oils, bath salts to cleanse your skin and relax. Whichever product you choose, it’s important to take a bath, relax and completely […]

What to eat for beautiful skin?

The cold wind rushes back, the harsh dry sunshine, accompanied by low air humidity makes our skin dull, dry, less firm … So we should eat, How to drink to protect the skin? Drink enough water In the cold season, many people are born afraid to drink water, or think that the cold season causes […]

How to apply a mineral mud mask?

In the process of talking with customers, we realized that most customers do not know how to apply mineral mud properly and let them take full effect. If used incorrectly the mask does not seem to work as expected. So today, you follow this article to know how to make a mask with a stylish […]

5 steps spa at home for relaxing

Since today is the last Saturday of 2015, leave all work and reward yourself for a relaxing day with home spa treatments. Do not worry, you will not have to spend a lot of money, but instead you will use the ingredients available in your kitchen cabinets. These DIY therapies can be easily done with […]

How to enjoy Spa at home?

It only takes a few simple and quick steps when spa at home, you can own smooth smooth skin. You can have a smooth, glowing skin and reduce dry, wrinkle-like dreams just by diligently performing a simple spa treatment at home on weekends. A course of only 40 minutes and 15 minutes of preparation includes: […]

Ideas to decorate the bathroom nice

The decor, bathroom decoration pattern, small toilet, small toilet with shelves, mirrors, utensils, stickers … beautiful, simple and modern. If the guest rooms such as living room, bedroom, kitchen … or outside space of gardens, ornamental plants are very noticeable and overlook a small room like a bathroom. This is a misconception because bathrooms and […]

The ultimate in skin recovery

Responsibly sourced and fully-ripe Ente plum, the sweetest plum in the world, gave birth to our Ex Prūnīs. Selected for its sensory richness that offers a unique signature aroma, it is abundant in broad-spectrum nutrients and antioxidants with astonishing effects on the skin that are celebrated in France for generations. Stearic, Oleic and Linoleic Acids […]

Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm

The Problem Skin product line with brings intense relief in times when itching develops and the skin is becoming increasingly inflamed, red to deep red, flaky, swollen and sore. Due to the anti-inflammatory and sebum-balancing properties of CBD cannabinoid oil, the problem skin range balances oily and blemished skin and reduces inflammation in acne-prone skin. […]