Review Porsche 911 2020 car

Over 7 generations and countless worthwhile upgrades, the Porsche 911 Carrera 2020 is a car that everyone in their life would expect to experience. Porsche 911 was born in 1963, at the same time that the legendary Lamborghini name was introduced. Bringing in itself the most valuable and oldest experience in the world, the Porsche […]

Top 10 sports cars worth buying today

Although the price is not cheap compared to other cars on the market, popular names such as Porsche Cayman, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro … are currently being considered as the cheapest sports cars worth buying in the segment. segment. Interested in sports cars? Refer to the 10 best sports cars at the best price, only […]

Discover the equipment of the BMW 320i 2020

Lower-trim versions of the BMW 3-Series are available at the same price as the most advanced Mercedes-Benz C-Class. According to information from the dealer, BMW \ 3-Series 2020 (G20 code) will have two new versions launched in April 2020. Two new lower versions are the 320i Sport Line and 320i Sport Line Plus. The version […]

Explore car BMW 7 series 2020

This BMW Series 7 expresses our views through elegance and modernity. We consider technical improvement and high quality to every detail as important as the emotional language and comfortable interior space. During the design process, we work on the idea of ​​’Poetry of Technology’ – feel about the perfect interaction between advanced technology and design […]

The feats of wooden furniture of Bentley cars

It all started in an orchard in California in the early 20th century when WO Bentley was still a boy on a bicycle. The remaining root of a dozen-year-old walnut tree shows off unique ridges. Today, the lines still sparkle in the Bentley car. The job of Adrian Minshull, a wood pick expert, is traveling […]

Review of Dynaudio Excite X18 speaker

After the success of the previous product launches, Dynaudio has further researched and released models with better sound quality and more modern. More attention is the Excite product line, this is considered to be the product line that receives much appreciation from audio users with models that sound powerful, powerful and capable of reproducing great […]

History of Infiniti brand

Along with luxury brands from Japan such as Lexus of Toyota, Acura of Honda, Nissan also launched Infiniti brand to serve high-class customers and affirm their position. Founded in 1989, Infiniti carries Nissan’s ambition to compete with high-end Japanese car brands such as Acura and Lexus as well as European car brands such as BMW, […]

5 smart technologies on the Mercedes-Benz

With the new improvements, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2019 versions receive a lot of praise from both users and experts. So what are the outstanding technologies on this sedan? Let’s explore the TOP 5 smart technology highlights on the Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2019. Why is the Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2019 so popular? Despite being launched a long time […]

Features stand out on the BMW Series 7

The upgraded Series 7 configuration in Vietnam has more equipment and more styles to increase competition in the segment. At the upgrade stage between the product life cycle, the large luxury sedan of BMW in Vietnam has three versions, 730Li M Sport, 730Li Pure Excellence and 740Li Pure Excellence. All three models are extended-wheelbase versions, […]

Things to keep in mind when traveling by car?

To ensure the safest, most enjoyable and complete car journey for you and your family, the following should be noted. A safe and full featured vehicle A 2-wheel drive vehicle with a range of driver assistance equipment such as Chevrolet Colorado pickup trucks , Ford Ranger or Trailblazer high-rise SUVs , Fortuner is the most […]